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Skye Spray On Concrete | ISEALCO

Introducing Skye Spray on Concrete: Your Premier Choice for Concrete Resurfacing in Melbourne's South East Suburbs

Welcome to Skye Spray on Concrete, your trusted destination for top-quality concrete resurfacing services. Proudly serving Melbourne's South East Suburbs, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed industry standards. Our team of professionals utilizes cutting-edge equipment to ensure superior craftsmanship on every project.

Discover the Versatility of ISEALCO Spray on Concrete in Skye

At ISEALCO, we offer a wide range of variations and application styles to enhance any concrete area in your home. Whether it's new concrete surfaces or existing ones, plain or coated, our Spray on Concrete solutions can cater to your specific needs. The duration of each transformation typically ranges from 2 to 4 days, depending on the complexity of the project. Plus, you'll be able to drive on the surface again just 7 days after completion!

Applications for ISEALCO Skye Spray on Concrete include:

-New concrete surfaces.
-Existing plain concrete surfaces.
-Existing concrete surfaces with current coatings such as paint or sealer (Please note: Coatings removal via grinding incurs an additional fee).

Our Spray on Concrete can be applied to a variety of decorative finishes, including:

-Previously painted concrete surfaces.
-Previously sealed concrete surfaces.
-Exposed aggregate concrete surfaces.
-Stenciled pattern concrete surfaces.
-Existing stamped concrete surfaces.
(Please note: Different types of concrete sub-bases require specific preparation methods, such as grinding or building up layers, which may incur additional fees).

ISEALCO Australia: Your Solution for Spray on Concrete in Skye

Most existing concrete surfaces in reasonable condition are suitable for our Spray on Concrete applications. Our preparation process includes repairing and covering pre-existing cracks and imperfections to ensure a smooth application. It's important to note that the crack repairs we perform are for decorative purposes only and not intended as structural fixes for the sub-base itself.

Safety and Durability: The Benefits of Skye Spray on Concrete

Did you know that our Spray on Concrete texture finish offers excellent slip resistance? Our Skye Spray on Concrete offers superior slip resistance on both dry and wet surfaces, making your property or workplace safer for your family, employees, and visitors.

Worried about fading? Rest assured, ISEALCO Skye Spray on Concrete surfaces are resistant to fading even under Australia's harsh UV sunlight.

Unmatched Expertise and Innovation: Choose ISEALCO Spray on Concrete Skye

When you choose ISEALCO for your spray on application, you benefit from our team's extensive training and years of experience. Our operators have perfected market-leading Spray on Concrete solutions in Skye and Melbourne's South East Suburbs, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and materials. What sets us apart is our revolutionary in-house software, allowing you to custom design your Spray on Concrete like never before.

Why Choose ISEALCO Spray on Concrete Skye for Your Project?

-Our market-leading substrate preparation employs a custom 3-step cleaning method.
-We assess and treat each area according to its specific application requirements.
-Create your desired color and design through our custom digital sample generation.
-Our preparation techniques include the best materials on the market, such as grinding and filling, to ensure lasting repairs.
-We exclusively trust Dulux Avista as our supplier of Spray on Concrete materials, ensuring unrivaled quality and consistency.
-Double application of sealer guarantees a premium film thickness, as recommended by manufacturers.
-Our semi-gloss finish provides a natural look that is second to none.
-Our solvent-based acrylic sealer outperforms same-day water-based sealers, offering superior durability.
-Enjoy UV protection and high resistance to wear and traffic.
-Our long-lasting protection shields against weather elements, organic growth, leaf stains, oil stains, and more.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, don't hesitate to reach out to an ISEALCO Spray on Concrete Skye specialist. They are just a phone call away and ready to assist you on your project!

WHY CHOOSE ISEALCO Skye Spray On Concrete?

Spray On Concrete Skye
Spray On Concrete Skye
Spray On Concrete Skye





Yes, Spray on Concrete must be sealed to prolong its lifespan. At ISEALCO Spray on Concrete Pakenham, we apply TWO applications of clear protective acrylic resin concrete sealer to maximise protection. We do highly recommend having your Spray on Concrete cleaned and re-sealed every 12 - 36 months in order to maintain and protect the surface.


ISEALCO Spray on Concrete Pakenham, frequently gets asked 'What is spray on concrete?' Spray on concrete is a simple and effective way to resurface almost any existing concrete area around your property and is far more cost-effective than the removal and replacement of concrete. With a wide variety of colours and designs, we have something for everyone! ISEALCO Spray on Concrete Pakenham can be applied to new existing cured concrete and can restore / rejuvenate most old concrete surfaces offering your property a fresh new contemporary look increasing street appeal and adding value to your home. Spray on concrete is a 2-3mm thick spray on cement based polymer modified two part concrete coating that is applied to an existing surface that has various finishing styles to choose from. This process can have many names, some of which include, Spray Pave, Spraycrete, Concrete resurfacing, Spray on concrete, Spray paving and Concrete Spraying.


Depending upon the existing concrete surface that the spray on concrete is being applied to, it can save most concrete surfaces which eliminates the need to replace the concrete entirely.


Decorative spray on concrete is a spray on cement based polymer modified two part concrete coating that can last theoretically the life of the concrete it's being applied to. Providing it is regularly cleaned, resealed periodically every 24-36 months, and if proper maintenance and care of the surface is carried out. Spray on concrete can last 5-25 years, or more, depending on the sub-base (existing concrete) quality and absence of faults whether developing or pre-existing, or surrounding the sub-base. ISEALCO Spray on Concrete Pakenham is a strong decorative coating and its durability and lifespan are dependent upon a number of factors which one of our specialists can walk you through during the assessment quotation.


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