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Natural Stone Paver Sealing Mulgrave






ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing Pakenham always agrees with the stone masons manufacturing advice, and this advice is yes. To protect your investment of natural stone pavers you must seal them to repel contaminants such as oils, water, and stains, including graffiti. Natural stone pavers are made from highly porous materials which can deteriorate resulting in a reduced lifespan. Deteriorating factors such as weather conditions, UV exposure, grease, and other liquids can permanently stain unsealed surfaces causing damage. Sealing your natural stone pavers helps repels contaminants and grime and decrease the signs of ageing by prolonging the stunning visual appearance of natural stone pavers.



ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing Pakenham use only the highest quality penetrating natural stone sealer on the market. Although most of our competitors use cheaper options and topical sealers, we refuse to compromise the quality of the surface finish and increase the risk of damage by applying lower quality products.

ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing carefully prepare and treat the surface prior to sealing, we then apply a double coat to lock out stage. Our high quality penetrating sealers do not change the surface finish or appearance of the natural stone pavers, allowing the slip rating to remain the same.

Mulgrave Natural Stone Paver Sealing | ISEALCO

WHY CHOOSE ISEALCO Mulgrave Natural Stone Paver Sealing?

Natural stone pavers are porous and require the use of quality sealers to maintain a long-lasting appearance and lifespan. In order to protect your natural stoner pavers from different types of damage, stains, and spills you need to use the best quality sealers on the market.

Stains and debris are not the only two factors that you need to protect against, adverse weather and humidity can also damage the outer surface of natural stone. The natural stone paver penetrating sealer helps block the entry of moisture and helps keep porous surfaces dry, this in turn can help prevent cracks and damage that may occur due to water seeping into the natural stone paver pores.

At ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Mulgrave Sealing we recommend and use water-based natural stone paver penetrating sealers to correctly treat the surface and help increase their hard-wearing durability. This also allows the surface to be more easily maintained. ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing Mulgrave does not recommend cheaper solvent-based penetrating sealers due to an increased risk of surface discolouration, picture framing, and visible sealer marks within the stone.

Why ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing Mulgrave for your penetrating sealer application?

- All of ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing Mulgrave's applicators have been professionally trained for penetrating sealer application.
- Deeply penetrates dense substrates to maximise results.
- Our penetrating sealer is both natural and invisible in appearance.
- Protects against water and oil stains.
- Non-hazardous, non-toxic.
- Water-based, no odour, no volatile organic compounds.
- Does not impact the original slip code rating.
- Offers long-lasting durable protection.

ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing specialise in the sealing and the rejuvenation of many Natural Stone types and Man-Made Stone Types.

Including (not limited to):
- Granite
- Travertine
- Sandstone
- Bluestone
- Limestone
- Marble
- Concrete
- Quartz
- Exposed Aggregate
- Basalt
- Porcelain
- Porphyry
- Cobblestone
- Terrazzo

All porous surfaces need to be maintained even after they are sealed, sealing your pavers doesn't completely stop staining from external contaminants, it allows ease of cleaning, maintenance and a year round fresh look. ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing also offer maintenance services to ensure your pavers stay looking their best and complementing your outdoor areas. 

Have a question or would like to know more?
An ISEALCO Natural Stone Paver Sealing Mulgrave specialist is only a phone call away!"

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ISEALCO Pakenham - Paver Sealing.jpg
These are example images of sandstone and bluestone natural paver areas including a retaining wall that ISEALCO has professionally cleaned and sealed in melbourne pakenham using penetrating sealer
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